Urgent - Saravá Group is about to lose its main server!


Due to a secret lawsuit by the judiciary against Radio Muda, the oldest independent radio station working in Brazil, Saravá's main server is due to be confiscated this on Monday, April 28th, at 1:00 PM (Local time, GTM-3h).

Radio Muda has had its equipment confiscated once before in Februrary 24th of this year[1]. As litigation has prgressed, Prosecuting Attorney Edilson Vitorelli Diniz Lima from the Public Prosecutor's Office , signed a request for the server aiming for the radio's site data that might identify it's members.

Sarava's server is located at the State University of Campinas, Unicamp, and hosts the radiolivre.org platform, including Radio Muda's website. The server also hosts many different research projects related to Unicamp and other public Brazilian universities.

Sarava is a research group that for the past 10 years have offered gratis technological infrastructure, political thinking and autonomous and secure communication resources to research groups and social movements [2]. In 2008, one of its servers was confiscated; it still hasn't been returned [3].

Now, as the Marco Civil Internet Bill has just passed[4], Brazil is hosting a World International Internet Meeting, and while Brazil is implementing state-of-the-art legislation towards Internet privacy, freedom and security, we face once more an attempt to steal data, undermining the privacy of research projects and free acess to information, with the closure of discussion lists, sites and other tools.

We say the decision of breaking the confidentiality of our communications following the Public Prosecutor's Office lawsuit is disproportionate . After all, the server has no record that could identify its users as part of its Privacy Policy[5].

We ask for solidarity from all groups, individuals and institutions that fight for a free society and Internet. Next Monday, April 28th at 1:00PM (local time, GMT-3h), there will be a demonstration in front of the Data Processing Center of the Philosophy and Humanities Institute building at Unicamp; support is welcomed.
Our hatred towards this act will be shown throughout social media and messages to Public Prosecutor's Office posted all over the internet. Hashtags:
#SaravaLivre, #netmundial1984, #sarava, #privacidade, #OurNetMundial,

We demand that the police attacks against the server of Saravá Group and its users' data be brought to an immediate halt.

[2] Saravá's Principles: https://www.sarava.org/pt-br/principios
[3] Saravá's hijack in 2008: https://www.sarava.org/en/node/46
[4] Law nº 12.965, from April 23th, 2014, free translation available at https://thecdd.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/marco-civil-da-internet-unoffici... (original at http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/_ato2011-2014/2014/lei/l12965.htm)
[5] https://www.sarava.org/pt-br/privacidade