Saravá's Server had its hard disks seized for investigation by a representative of the Federal Public Prosecutor

Do not censor the internet

On April 28th 2014 a representative of the brazilian Federal Public Prosecutor (the "Ministério Público Federal" -- or just "MPF") removed the hard disks from Saravá Group's main server, taking down many services hosted by the group. In the negotiation with the Saravá Group, it was agreed that the MPF would only take the disks and leave the machine untouched.

Urgent - Saravá Group is about to lose its main server!


Due to a secret lawsuit by the judiciary against Radio Muda, the oldest independent radio station working in Brazil, Saravá's main server is due to be confiscated this on Monday, April 28th, at 1:00 PM (Local time, GTM-3h).

Saravá Collective protests against data surveillance

Saravá: por uma internet livre

Brazil - April 22th 2014 - We from Saravá Group are worried about arbitrary and reckless action of the Public Prosecutor's Office. The Office is requesting access to content we host.



Transparency and internet regulation

The Access Information Law is a "FOIA"-like instrument is now working in Brazil. Also, the National Truth Commission was formed in Brazil to attempt to recover the memory of the humn rights iolations during the last two dictatorships in Brazil.

At the same time they represent the minimum acceptable for a huge social demand for social justice and their effectiveness is doubtful.

International Symposium on Technopolitics

New technologies are rapidly transforming they way we relate to the world. Today, the flow of information plays a fundamental role in our daily lifes. Simultaneously, social an political organizations are incorporating those technologies to their articulation.

  • When: 14th June 2012 - from 09:30 to 18:00
  • Where: EACH - USP - Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • More information here!

FBI seizes server from Riseup / Mayfirst / ECN

FBI seizes server providing anonymous remailer and many other services from colocation facility.

Day against DRM (Digital Restrictions Management)

Today is the Day Against DRM, a campaign by the Free Software Foundation to combat technological control initiatives.

Satangoss Seizure: 1 year

At August 6th 2008, Civil Police from Campinas (78km from Sao Paulo, Brazil) seized the Sarava Research Group server that hosted at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Institute from Campinas University (IFCH-UNICAMP) due to a complain filled by the University Attorney.

Back in May 2008,'s server was shut down by the colocation's central administration because of a request from dutch autorities. The server hosted a website against dutch anti-imigration policies and attracted a lot of media attention in the Netherlands.